Workers’ Compensation Doctors In New York
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Workers’ Compensation Doctors In New York

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Medical Now is dedicated to treating patients who have been injured on the job and in work-related accidents. Workers’ Compensation patients require medical treatment, physical therapy and commitment to a treatment plan to heal current injuries and prevent future ones. Here is a checklist to help you find the right Worker’s Compensation doctors in New York City for your medical treatment.

Visit A Medical Practice for Workers’ Compensation Treatment, not Your General Practitioner

Although you might feel most comfortable going to your PCP, for a Workers’ Comp case you will want to seek medical attention from a clinic that specializes in this process and treatment.

Choose a Doctor Committed to Your Treatment Plan

Working with experienced doctors is crucial to getting the treatment you need with proper Workers’ Comp coverage. Getting over an injury takes time, and you will need to consistently show up to your scheduled appointments for treatment and physical therapy. Make sure your doctor offers physical therapy for injury prevention as well.  Not all injuries have visible symptoms, this is why you want to choose a doctor that also has diagnostic and X-ray capabilities. Staying on track for recovery is a top priority!

Visit an Office that is Conveniently Located

Choose a medical office that is located near your home that is easy to get to. If you are continuing to work, then you might want to choose an office that is near your work area instead. Medical Now provides complimentary transportation to all of the patients so that they can safely get to their appointments and stick to their treatment plan.

If you would like to schedule a free ride to your Medical Now appointment, find a location nearest you and call us to schedule a free ride with one of our trusted drivers. We have locations in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Nassau.

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