Car Crash Doctors in New York City
July 2, 2019 designer

Car Crash Doctors in New York City

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Have you been injured in an auto accident and need to see a doctor? Finding the right car crash doctors in New York City is important for treating your injury but also maintaining your health and preventing more injuries in the future. With four locations in New York City, we have excellent injury doctors located in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau. Do not wait.

Do Not Wait

Injuries from car crashes are not always immediately apparent. It may take several days for the pain to kick into your muscles, indicating that there may be an injury. Not going to a doctor immediately after an accident is a common mistake. Do not hesitate to visit your doctor and schedule an appointment to be treated at no cost to you.

Medical Care at No Cost to You

In New York State, you are covered by No Fault insurance. Medical care is provided to car crash patients based on attorney’s liens. An attorney lien allows the doctor to get paid after your car accident case is settled. This means your doctor and lawyer work together to help you physically recover with the right coverage. In the state of New York, your doctor can provide medical care to you after a car crash with no cost to you.

Injured in a Car Accident? See a Car Crash Doctor Right Away

If you have been injured schedule your first appointment right away. Find a location nearest you and call us to schedule an appointment. No cost to you! Need help getting to your appointment? We offer complimentary transportation with one of our trusted drivers. 


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