What Are Latent Injuries from Car Accidents?
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What Are Latent Injuries from Car Accidents?

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If you have suffered a car accident and notice pain a few days prior, get immediate medical attention. Accident injuries that appear several days or weeks after the accident are called “latent injuries”. Latent injuries refer to the pain or side effects of injuries that are delayed. Latent injuries are common in soft tissue but can also affect the brain, bones, and other parts of the body. Even the smallest sign of an injury after a car accident should be addressed with a doctor or physical therapist. In the state of New York, victims of car accidents are covered by NYS No Fault insurance to provide medical car for injuries.

Latent Injuries You May Not Notice Immediately After a Car Accident


Headaches can be a sign of stress-related injuries or a sign of brain injuries and concussions. Headaches can also appear if you have experienced whiplash, a neck injury, or a blood clot.

Back, Neck, or Shoulder Pain

Pain in the shoulder and neck region is a sign of whiplash. This type of injury may cause pain immediately but is most often seen several days after. Back pain may be a sign of an injury to the spine such as a sprain, herniated disc or muscle injuries. If you experience a tingling or numbness sensation, this may be a sign of a pinched nerve. A herniated disc also caused tingling and numbness.

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain after a car accident should be addressed immediately by a physical therapist. Internal or soft tissue injuries can be fatal and could cause internal bleeding, bruising and headaches or dizziness. Call our office immediately if you have experienced abdominal pain after a car accident.

Stress or PTSD

A car accident can also affect your emotional health in ways such as anxiety or depression. After experiencing a car wreck, it is common to suffer physically and emotionally. Brain injuries have been shown to cause personality changes and should be treated accordingly.

Seeing a physical therapist for minor injuries will help prevent the injuries from becoming more serious. Physical therapy includes treatment and prevention practices that help you heal and maintain injury-free in the future.

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