How to Choose the Best Physical Therapist For You
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How to Choose the Best Physical Therapist For You

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Have you suffered from a work or auto injury? Recovery from an injury is hard work. Although most physical therapists are well-trained and provide good care, not all practices are the same. If you end up in the wrong place, it can do more harm than good. You must also consider convenience especially when it comes to location. Choose a physical therapist that is close to you and easy to access. Maintaining your treatment plan and making it to all of your appointments is a priority. You want to choose a Physical Therapist that you have a good rapport with, is convenient to get to, and keeps you on track with recovery.

Physical Therapist Checklist

  • Choose a location that is convenient to where you live or work.
  • Try to set up a time to take a tour of the facility before beginning therapy. A reputable practice should have no problem arranging a quick visit.
  • Note if the facility is clean and well-maintained. Are therapists washing their hands between patients?
  • Consider what the atmosphere is like. Are therapists and therapy assistants actively working with patients, or are people standing around waiting to be treated?
  • Choose the right practice for your needs. Call the facility and ask questions to make sure there are physical therapists with expertise in treating your particular problem.
  • Ask who will be treating you and how much experience the therapist has. Once you begin physical therapy, make sure you’re receiving care from a licensed physical therapist or a licensed physical therapy assistant.
  • Are people working there wearing a name badge with their job title? They are required to do so in many states, including New York.
  • Inquire about the cancellation policy. Some facilities charge a fee for cancelling an appointment.
  • If you require special equipment, such as a pool, make sure it is available at the facility.
  • Consider how quickly you can get an appointment. If you need to wait more than a week or two, you may be better off finding a facility where you can start sooner, especially if you’ve had recent surgery.
  • If health insurance is an important consideration for you, make sure the practice accepts your insurance.

Insurance and Payment

Ask if the physical therapist’s clinic participates with your insurance company. You should also ask whether the physical therapist’s clinic will submit claims on your behalf to your insurance company. If you were referred to a physical therapist, you mist verify that  your “physical therapy” is being delivered by a licensed physical therapist. This means that your physical therapist’s title or name tag will include PT  (physical therapist) and/or DPT (doctor of physical therapy).

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